I have been practising yoga since my teens, teaching since 2009 and have achieved 500h RYT Yoga training certification, being part of the first 300h advanced training to be held in Ireland in 2013. I have a Masters in Ethnic & Racial Studies from Trinity College in Dublin, and previous spent many years as a trainer, facilitator and community development worker in Ireland and the UK. I have achieved qualifications in many other healing modalities such as Sound Healing, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Breathwork and Shamanic Healing.  I am committed to ‘upgrading’ my own knowledge and practice and especially my own healing and personal development. I have practiced Buddhism for 15 years and currently I’m a student of international teacher and mystic, Thomas Hubl, as part of the Pocket Project. I’m constantly enquiring about the roots of connection within and without and so have travelled and traversed deep dark places within while also celebrating the higher joyful realms of bliss and connection especially through long nights at the altar of house and disco music! I DJ occasionally and enjoy working on special mixes and collecting new tunes for the House of Yoga sessions. I set up House of Yoga Waterford Studio in 2013 and so most of my time and focus till recently has been on building and running that.  Last year I gained two amazing business partners who believed in my vision for this practice, and we have expanded the studio into a fantastic new location in Waterford city centre. This transition as allowed me to finally focus on the development & evolution of the House of Yoga Method, now in 2018. I am very excited about the potential of this method to build connection between technology and the body.


The Creator

My name is Karla Kelly and I have created this method of syncronising yoga asana and pranayama, & rhythmic house beats and named the method House of Yoga. I’ve been teaching, practicing and sharing this method beginning in yoga studios in 2010 and since then offered it in schools, workplaces & more recently at festivals (including Electric Picnic, Glastonbury, Body & Soul) for 10 years. As well as being a deep and yet lighthearted personal practice,  I believe it is one of the easiest and fun ways to celebrate, experience and know the conscious co-creation of unity in community. Not only this, but in a personal practice it refines and ‘upgrades’ our pranayama intelligence and synchronises mind, body, heart and spirit in a fun and light, but also deeply profound way. I am excited for the evolution of this method as my own practice is constantly offering me new insights and a deeper sense of embodiment than I’ve ever experienced. As the practice has developed and evolved, the language of technology has synchronised perfectly with what HOY is about so I’m especially enthusiastic about how the concept of ‘downloading’, ‘uploading’ and ‘upgrading’ our mindbodyheart system can help translate this sense of embodiment to the generation so dependent and assimilated into technology.


House of Yoga Method

House of Yoga is a method and effectively a technology of organising the body in relation to the breath, the beat and movement of the body. It is the fundamental and omnipotent beat of the music soundtrack that enables the body, breath and mind to co-ordinate, and connect in equal and balanced movements. The beat the mixes I use is a constant heartbeat of house or disco, so that we can begin to surrender our inner house to the outer House environment and everpresent balanced rhythm.

My core practice for the past 10 years is this method and I have refined and attuned my own house through this technology. In the sharing and teaching of the method, particularly in large groups over the years, I have refined a whole new sense of attunement through guiding many people in a collective unified breath experience moment to moment. The magic of the collective HouseofYoga experience is where everyone in their ‘house’ is coming to sync with each other as well as themselves, co-creating an energetic and exciting movement of unity in community. Most recently through committed practice and trainings (Subtle Body Immersion with Veronica Larsson, & Pocket Project Training with Thomas Hubl) I have translated the teachings of the energy wifi onto the body through the language of technology. For example, the base energy centre is the ‘plug’ of our body bio computer, grounding our energy to the earth through a ‘cable’ of consciousness. Our second energy centre, the sacral chakra is the ‘ power button’ (this translates to Yoga’s 2000 year teachings on how energy potential is generated and stored in the body mind system). I’m particularly interested in exploring this concept with young people and have developed a 9 week programme using this practice and ‘technology’ of movement with young girls.



The Music

The music I work with is deep house, with a flavour of disco! Check out my favourite House of Yoga Mix here on Soundcloud!

Soundcloud Link