The Creator

My name is Karla Kelly and I create and practice his method of integrating yoga asana and pranayama, & rhythmic house beats and named the method House of Yoga. I’ve been teaching, practicing and sharing this method in studios, festivals, and  I believe it is one of the easiest and fun ways to celebrate, experience and know the conscious co-creation of unity in community.

I’m currently establishing a training programme to share this incredible work with other yoga teachers, musicians, healers and mentors, starting in July 2017.

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The Method

House of Yoga is a way, a method and effectively a technology of organising the body in relation to the breath, the beat and movement the body. It is the fundamental and omnipotent beat of the house music soundtrack that enables the body and breath and mind to co-ordinate, and connect in equal and balanced movements. The beat the mixes I use is constant and omnipotent, so that we can begin to surrender to the ‘house’ feelings and everpresent balanced rhythm.

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The Music

The music I work with is deep house, with a flavour of disco!

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