House of Yoga Wifi Sonic Light Chakra Experience feat David Duffy Music

Sunday’s session in the Sideshow of Jerry Fish is a super special one.
House of Yoga has teamed up with musician, producer, composer DJ and all round creative genius to create a sound and light fuelled chakra experience. We’ll attune our central cable of light to the earth dock and download some rainbow frequencies one by one up the body from base to crown using lights, sound tones and a sensational house music mix, sprinkled with some conscious inspiration and lyrical vibrations.

House of Yoga technology is a method of aligning body movements and breath to the 8, 4 , 2, 1 rhythms of a house and disco soundtrack, moving from slow steady movements and breaths to short snappy rhythmic shakes!

Check out our logo which reminds us (and aligns with the colours of the chakra energies received and emitted through the instrument of the body) that we are all emitting our own frequency based on thousands of years of conscious evolution of the physical emotional mental and spiritual bodies. We are creating our future in every moment, we know this, and house of yoga allows us to really feel the joy and magic of consciously co-creating our moments together in a collective movement in rhythm with our breath. Our most fundamental teacher of the energy of our body is our breath, and how much breath or ‘space’ can move through us on all levels at any time.
In this class we come together to delete a couple of hangover apps and upload some space and reconnection with our ‘house’ as we open up and recognise that we’re all just one House.