Taking the House of Yoga technology and making a 30 minute Disco Flow!
Karla is heading to Punchestown Music Festival this weekend to warm up the Main Stage!

Punchestown Music Festival, Main Stage Saturday & Sunday 2:15-2:45

The House of Yoga Method (www.housemusicyoga.com) is an easy technique of moving our bodies in a balanced even way in line in rhythm with the beat of a house and disco soundtrack. We retune and sync up arms and shoulders, belly and feet in line with a 4 or 8 beat of the soundtrack. It’s a delicious way to wake up bodies into the beat and onto their feet! Karla Kelly has developed the method over the last 10 years and loves to take yoga off the mat to remind us that we each carry ourselves wherever we go in our own bodymindheart ‘house’ -all the time! Its mindful easy fun gentle movements and as we bring ourselves together in rhythm with our own individual ‘houses’, we’re also all moving in unity with breath and beat and can begin really feel ourselves part of the bigger ‘House’.

This weekend Karla has put together a 30 minute easy disco flow soundtracked with DJ & Producer Jay Ru from 2:15 to 2:45 on the Main Stage before the music starts both days. You’re encouraged to bring your friends and your beer and download sweet space into your base place !