First Workshop in our new HOUSE! Come and celebrate some GOOD Friday vibes with us..

House of Yoga – Easter Weekend – Remember, Revive, Regenerate, Rejuvenate. is back this Easter Weekend, with a theme inviting us to tune into the spirit of Easter is, in our own way, whether we are persons of religion or faith or not.
The House of Yoga methodology and practice is based on the statement, or affirmation, ‘I am the Creator and this is my House. What this means is that we, ultimately are responsible for our own reality, and we are creating it, and receiving the effects of our creation, moment by moment, breath by breath. In our minds and bodies and hearts, we can shift responsibility to others, to our childhood experience, to our long day, to our hangover..
Being truly conscious means becoming aware of how we are ‘house’d, what our beliefs and feelings and tendancies are and how they influence us.
House of Yoga invites you this weekend to fully claim and feel the ‘House’ you live in, to remember your original yogic nature of peace and calm and connection, to revive and rejuvenate your spirit by remembering to practice this embodiment more and more in your daily life, and practice mindfully releasing your self punishing tendencies to refresh and resurrect your Spirt anew.
House Music invites a sense of communal and community connection in the feeling and energy of delicious beats and rhythmic frequencies. The merging of the body, the breath and the beat in a House of Yoga class ‘reminds’ us that we are creating our own reality, moment to moment, in sync with the ‘Houses’ of those around us, in a methodology thats deep and rhythmic as well as fun and fluid.

Join us this Good Friday for a celebration of body, heart, mind and spirit with a 90 minute House of Yoga session followed by music and some light raw sweet and savoury snacks by Avochemist.

We’ll chat and mingle and munch and dance after the class and at 8pm we’ll show a movie in the small studio and set up some tunes with Karla K in the main studio for an evening of dance and movement, mindful education and Friday Feelings!


20 euro includes food, snacks and conscious evening entertainment!House of Yoga Workshop Good Friday – This is our House!
First Workshop in our new HOUSE! Come and celebrate some GOOD Friday vibes with us..